XDOGE Important Updates 7

Chronology of Events:

17th January

▪️️ XDOGE Hero card upgrading function has been disabled

Players can no longer upgrade their cards.

Apart from that, the Moon Treasure BlindBox card drawing and Parallel Universe Battlefield card insertion functions have also been halted.

The remaining battlefields are still accepting Hero cards.

26th January

▪️️ Particle Space Battlefield has opened



XDOGE Important Updates 6

Chronology of Events:

10th January

▪️️ XDOGE Moon Treasure BlindBox card drawing function halted

Players can no longer draw Hero cards from XDOGE Moon Treasure BlindBox.

However, Hero and Tesla Energy Cards can still be obtained from BunnyPark Market.

Besides Moon Treasure BlindBox and Parallel Universe Battlefield, all other features are still functioning as usual.

XDOGE Burn Details:

Max Supply: 200,000,000,000


5th November: 1,154,584,077.27902

7th November: 1,122,264,550.72118

13th November: 3,012,509,333.20514


8th January: 6,119,569,320

Total Burned: 11,408,927,281.20530000

XDOGE Official Sites and Contact Information:

🐶 Website: https://xdoge.space

🐶 Twitter: https://twitter.com/xdogenetwork

🐶 Medium: https://xdogenetwork.medium.com/

🐶 Telegram: https://t.me/xdogenetwork_bsc

🐶 Discord: https://discord.io/xdogenetwork