XDOGE GameBox: Moon Treasure NFT


XDOGE is a SuperHero-themed NFT card game that allows players to play-to-earn and draw-to-win.


Important notice: Moon Treasure BlindBox card drawing function has ceased since 10th January 2022 (details).


The output for each block in the battlefield is fixed, and will be distributed in accordance with the Hero cards’ Computing Power.

Tesla Energy Card 🚗

1. To be put up for sale on Market; or

2. To be collected to redeem a Tesla car (a single fragment can be used to deduct the expenses of buying the car).

Collect all fragments to redeem a Tesla car:

🚗 53 fragments: Model 3

️🚗 57 fragments: Model Y

🚗 124 fragments: Model S

Order a Tesla online via official verifications:

Each Tesla Energy Card is eligible for a 1,000 USDC discount

Redemption Method:

  1. Contact an official XDOGE customer representative on Telegram;




2. Take a picture of the Tesla purchase voucher;

3. Transfer the Tesla Energy Card NFT

4. Each Tesla Energy Card = 1,000 USDC

Important note: As each Tesla Energy Card is valid for a 1,000 USDC discount when purchasing a Tesla car online, there is no need for players to collect all fragments to redeem the car.

Hero Rank Upgrade:

Hero Rank Upgrade


  • The battle will begin after every 1,000 (or more) Hero cards are accumulated.
  • To participate, players are required to hold any of the Hero cards. For each participation, players are required to deploy THREE Hero cards and assign one of them as the Team Leader. The Team Leader will be given an additional 20% Combat Power as a bonus.
  • For each participation, a payment of xx amount of BG (to be confirmed) as registration fee is required. 85% of the registration fees will be given to the winners whereas the remaining 15% of BG will be burned.
  • The winning Hero will be selected via ChainLink. Rewards will be given to all the players who send the winning Hero cards during the battle according to the proportion of Combat Power.
  • The assigned characters and ranks of the Hero cards can be the same (but cannot be of the same card). There is no limit to the number of times a player can participate in the BOSS battle. However, each card can only participate once.

XDOGE Official Sites and Contact Information:

🐶 Website: https://xdoge.space

🐶 Twitter: https://twitter.com/xdogenetwork

🐶 Medium: https://xdogenetwork.medium.com/

🐶 Telegram: https://t.me/xdogenetwork_bsc

🐶 Discord: https://discord.io/xdogenetwork



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