XDOGE Important Updates 2

XDOGE Important Updates 2

Chronology of Events:

16th November

▪️️ The first Tesla Energy Card is redeemed for a 1,000 USDC discount to buy a Tesla car online by a XDOGE Moon Treasure BlindBox player.

Read the news here.

For more information about Tesla Energy Cards, click here.

18th November

▪️️ XDOGE Moon Treasure NFTs are listed and integrated on TreasureLand.

XDOGE NFT holders may list and trade their NFTs by connecting their wallets to TreasureLand.

XDOGE Moon Treasure NFTs are listed and integrated on TreasureLand

19th November

▪️️ NFT Bridge for XDOGE Moon Treasure SuperHero NFTs purchased on BinanceNFT is ready.

Users who purchased XDOGE Moon Treasure SuperHero NFTs on BinanceNFT can now withdraw and bridge their NFTs on here (PC) and here (mobile).

After the bridging, the NFTs will be displayed on XDOGE platform and can be upgraded and deployed into the battlefields to earn BG.

** For the users who own the full series of DOG Heroes, please refer to the next point. DO NOT withdraw the NFTs to your wallets or you will not be eligible for the unique collector benefits airdrop rewards.

▪️️ Snapshot period for unique collector benefits

Airdrop activities will be conducted for XDOGE Moon Treasure NFT holders on BinanceNFT.


1️⃣ Collect 7 kinds of R series Dog Heroes to share a prize pool of 10,000 USDT bonus;

2️⃣ Collect an additional 7 SR cards to share an additional prize pool of 5,000 USDT bonus;

3️⃣ The first buyer who collects 7 types of SSR cards will be given an exclusive bonus of 3,000 USDT;

4️⃣ The valid snapshot time ends at 15:00 GMT on November 20;

5️⃣ Fill in the following form, otherwise you will not be eligible. The submission deadline is November 23.

Link to the Google Form:


For more information, please refer to this Tweet.

XDOGE Burn Details

Max supply: 200,000,000,000


5th November: 1,154,584,077.27902

7th November: 1,122,264,550.72118

13th November: 3,012,509,333.20514

Total Burned: 5,289,357,961.20534

XDOGE Official Sites and Contact Information:

🐶 Website: https://xdoge.space

🐶 Twitter: https://twitter.com/xdogenetwork

🐶 Medium: https://xdogenetwork.medium.com/

🐶 Telegram: https://t.me/xdogenetwork_bsc

🐶 Discord: https://discord.io/xdogenetwork



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