XDOGE Important Updates 5

XDOGE Important Updates 5

Chronology of Events:

26th December

▪️️ Card insertion function for Parallel Universe Battlefield halted

XDOGE Moon Treasure players can no longer insert new cards into Parallel Universe Battlefield as the function has been halted to prevent a further lowering of the rewards in the battlefield.

Due to the advance release of rewards as announced on 17th December, the current rewards indicated are deemed inclusive of the total income.

The cards that have already been inserted in the battlefield will not be affected.

However, players may insert their cards in other battlefields. See here and here for the gameplay and tutorial.

27th December

▪️️ 8 Tesla Energy Cards redeemed by the third XDOGE Moon Treasure winner

Tesla Energy Cards are redeemed for the third time.

The owner has collected eight Tesla Energy Cards and has redeemed a total sum of 8,000 USDT after purchasing a Tesla Model 3 for himself. Read the news here.

For every car that is purchased on Tesla’s official website, players can redeem 1,000 USDC cash back for every Tesla Energy Card that is submitted to an XDOGE official admin.

Read this for more information.

XDOGE Happy New Year 2022

XDOGE team would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2022.

Let XDOGE metaverse be more exciting and interesting for all.

Thank you for being with us. Let’s be the SuperHeroes we have always wanted to be.

XDOGE Official Sites and Contact Information:

🐶 Website: https://xdoge.space

🐶 Twitter: https://twitter.com/xdogenetwork

🐶 Medium: https://xdogenetwork.medium.com/

🐶 Telegram: https://t.me/xdogenetwork_bsc

🐶 Discord: https://discord.io/xdogenetwork



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